2nd Year Uni Projects

Design Representation & Visualisation

Using a range of software from AutoCad, SketchUp, Vray, Photoshop I am able to create high quality visualisations in a range of styles.

Workflow of rendering the Corbett Residence – SketchUp – Vray – Photoshop

Viewing Platform| Crew’s Hole, Bristol

Excuse the typo…
A2 sheet

Masterplan | Crew’s Hole, Bristol

A master plan aimed at reconnecting the valley with the wider area, while promoting walking with the introduction of new routes and enhancing the riverside.

Visuals are created from digimap data with a heavy photoshop workflow.

Masterplan Framework | BRUNEL QUARTER

This Masterplan aims to create a realistic shared vision of a vibrant new quarter with an emphasis on creative industries and place-making

A new masterplan for the St Phillip’s Marsh area of Lawrence Hill, Bristol. Visuals range from diagrams to movement strategies as well as illustrative views and large scale massing models.

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