Preliminary work for Conga

Conga – Reinventing Interurban Travel

The Proposal

To create a fast and comfortable interurban public transport system using novel inline stations and vehicles.

The initial task was to create some images of what such a system could look like, and how we think such a system would work in principle. The idea of green spaces, a docking like bus station, no platforms, and easy connections to local town and public transport network were the main themes that arose.

From this we begun to develop plans and framework proposals that abide by government regulations.

Maximum length | Minimum length | Motorway Refuge Area

Inline Stops

A key aspect of the an this integrated transport system, is the use of Inline stops. A cross between a lay-by, slip road and bus stop, this would allow a safe transition from the station building to the vehicle with very little interface from the main road.




traffic-comparison-2.-cropmotorway-traffic-comparison croptest


Vehicle Development



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