Old County Hall

A catalyst for urban regeneration

College Project – The Old County Hall in Ipswich lies abandoned in an ever-increasing derelict part of Ipswich town centre. This project is somewhat of a passion project in which I aim to breathe life into this majestic old building. I propose a large extension to the rear, with a moveable façade, containing art galleries and performance spaces with a prominent mixed-use auditorium that can host countless events, with the existing building being converted into a museum.

Japanese traditional and contemporary (Tadao Ando) architecture was a big part of my design due to their consideration of raw materials and incorporation of natural lighting into design. It is this consideration of lighting that I have tried to incorporate into the movable façade of the mixed-use ‘wing’. The main material, corten steel, was chosen as a response to the state of the existing building, as it has an endearing quality of rusting overtime which protects itself from erosion. A striking response to the Old County Hall’s ability to survive for hundreds of years, through additions, demolitions, alterations, vandalism and abandonment.


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