Upper Orwell Crossings

What would a simplified bridge look like?

The Upper Orwell Crossings was a £100 million vanity project. This project was the result of my initial scepticism of the project arisen by the first images of the project. It appeared to be a closed bridge, with a lower suspended pedestrian deck, yet in official documentation, the access to the marina was to be unhindered. Though no route was announced, I created a model highlighting my concern, then went onto campaign against the proposal.

The design was also vague, hiding the supports and landings at each end. This is where I begin to research and create a series images of what a simplified bridge, what would likely be constructed due to mounting concerns over the current design.

Original render of the bridge from the Westbank
render 3
Simplified design from Westbank

The proposal also includes the revitalisation and redevelopment of the island site, into Enterprise Island. Based on the principle of build it and they will come. The model below was based on concept sketches of the site. A mid density conglomeration of most probably grey and white clad buildings.

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